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    Orecchiette alle cime di rapa

    In all our properties, lunch or dinner are available on request.
    Rodolfo Del Frassino, who has worked as a professional chef for over 20 years, will be happy to prepare for you some of the specialities that have made Apulian cuisine so widely admired.




    The “antipasti”

    • Anchovies or Marinated Swordfish
    • Octopus Salad
    • Mussels au Gratin and Pepata di Cozze (mussels sautéed in garlic and black pepper)
    • Vegetable Omelette
    • Parmigiana (with aubergines or courgettes)
    • Fried Olives
    • Fried Peppers
    • Trifola di Funghi (mushrooms cooked in oil, garlic and parsley) and Roast Mushrooms

    Fish-based First Courses

    • Potatoes, Rice & Mussels
    • Cavatelli (pasta) with Grouper Fish Sauce
    • Spaghetti with Seafood or Risotto with Seafood

    Fish-based Second Courses

    • Baked or Roast Sea Bass, Gilthead Bream or Swordfish
    • Roast Octopus
    • Baked Anchovies
    Polpo arrosto








    Fish-based Second Courses

    • Baked Orecchiette with Ragù (Meat Sauce)

    Meat-based Second Courses

    • Meat Roulade
    • Roast Lamb, Rabbit or Turkey with Potatoes
    • Veal Sausages in Wine

    Vegetable-based First Courses

    • Cavatelli (pasta) or Orecchiette (pasta) with Sauce of Fresh Tomatoes, Hard Ricotta and Rocket
    • Puréed Beans with Chicory
    • Orecchiette (pasta) with Turnip Tops

    Vegetable-based Second Courses

    • Vegetables au Gratin

    Meals are served on serving dishes. Crockery and table linen are those provided in the respective properties.
    Costs will vary between €25 and €35 depending on the dishes chosen.

    Numerous permutations of fish, meat and vegetable dishes are possible.
    Food is prepared using seasonally available produce.

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